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  • Steven Corn

U.S. Census Report on Health Insurance

In case you have a lot of free time, the U.S. Census just issued a 44 page report on the state of health insurance in the U.S. for 2015.   This report does not attempt to suggest a cause/effect of the decline in uninsured.  It's "just the facts".  But the facts are fascinating.  You can download a link here:

Key takeaways (in my opinion):

  • Percent of Uninsured Americans fell 1.3% to an all-time low

  • 29.1 million Americans are uninsured (9.1%) (another all-time low)

  • Private insurance continues to be the primary source of health insurance over public insurance (e.g., Medicaid, Medicare, etc.)  67.2% vs. 37.1%

  • The breakdown of the types of insurance for 2015 was:

  • 28.9 % of noncitizen adults were uninsured.  This is ~2.5x greater than uninsured American citizens (10.8 %) 

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