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What We Do:

  • Review Your Medical Bills

  • Identify Errors and Mistakes

  • Negotiate Reductions

  • Resubmit Claims

  • Settle with Collection Agencies


Reduce Medical Bills

Medical bills can't be negotiated
Most people think that their medical bills are non-negotiable.  That couldn't be farther from the truth.  There are many ways to reduce your medical bills and we know them all.
Medical bills are always accurate
A recent study estimated that up to 80% of medical bills contain at least one error.  Medical Bills are almost never completely accurate. 
An itemized bill details all the services a patient received
An itemized medical bill is a very lengthy and confusing document.  It can list dozens, if not hundreds, of line items and patients assume that every one of them was actually done.  Not true!  Many times there are charges for services that were not rendered (this is especially true for ER bills).
I'm a smart person.  I can figure out my own medical bills
Your intelligence level is not the most important factor when deciphering a medical bill.  The billing process is highly complex and idiosyncratic.  Even the smartest people have trouble understanding their medical bills.
Medical bills don't affect my credit score
It is easy for a medical bill to be sent to collections without your knowledge.  Even one medical bill that is left unpaid can reduce your credit score significantly. 


The healthcare system is complex and scary.
Metis Advocacy can help guide you through the confusing maze of medical bills, insurance claims, medical debt and health insurance decisions.

"We Turn The HealthSCARE System
Into The HealthCARE System"

About The Founder

Steven Corn (Board Certified Patient Advocate)


You've heard the saying: it's not personal, it's just business. For me, it IS personal. My son was born with a rare genetic disorder that only 12 people in the world have. Another family member has a neurological disorder that is so new, it still has not been listed in DSM coding book. My wife's recovery from brain surgery required me to accompany her to every doctor visit for nearly two years because she was unable to clearly communicate with them.


Coping with my family’s complex health issues often left me feeling confused, dissatisfied and, sometimes, helpless. Mostly I was angry at the enormous challenges the healthcare system creates just to get the care that a person needs. Where was the support for the many complicated decisions? Where was the guidance during critical periods? Where was the support in managing costs, insurance claims and billing disputes?


I looked at all of this and said, "It can be better. It can be a lot better." And so, Metis Advocacy was created. With 20 years of patient advocacy experience, I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to managing your healthcare.

What Does A Patient Advocate Do?

About the Founder


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