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  • Steven Corn

Yes, It's Personal

You've heard the saying: it's not personal, it's just business. For me, it IS personal.

My son was born with a rare genetic disorder that only 12 people in the world have. My wife had brain surgery and I have had to accompany her to every doctor visit for the past three years. Another family member has a neurological disorder that is so new, it still doesn't have a diagnostic code. And as for me, I suffered from an obscure autoimmune illness that took years to combat.

Coping with my family’s complex health issues often left me feeling confused, dissatisfied and, sometimes, helpless. I found this inexcusable. Where was the technology to support my decision-making? Where was the guidance during the critical periods? Where was the support in managing my costs and aiding in billing disputes? I looked at all of this and said, "It can be better. It can be a lot better." To be part of the solution, I created this blog and a new company, Metis Advocacy.

Healthcare is always personal. There's no other way.

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