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  • Steven Corn

Diabetes 2 Is Like Having A Job

I have diabetes type 2.  To say it's been a struggle is an understatement.  I love bread, pasta, cereal...basically carbs.  Last fall I had a rude awakening and my A1c jumped to very high and dangerous levels after stable for quite some time.

After having the "scary talk" with my new doctor and being put on a new medicine cocktail (but no insulin), I re-committed myself to diet and exercise.  In three months, I dropped ~8 pounds and lowered my A1c to 6.5.  Quite an accomplishment.  She was amazed and I was very proud.

And then 2018 hit.  Stress eating returned. Lots of stress in January and February.  Then my wife and both struggled with illnesses throughout March.  I was forced to take a steroid for a week.  I ate like crap and couldn't exercise (bronchitis).  Late night snacking, too.  I put on a few pounds.

So, I saw my doctor yesterday and I got the results that I expected.  My A1c had jumped dramatically and I gained back some weight.  Then I got the lecture.  "Diabetes2 is a progressive have to get back to eating better...exercise more..."  Blah, blah, blah.  Heard it for years.

But then she said something that really hit home:  "Diabetes 2 is like having a job."

You can't go to work on a Monday and do your job well.  Then on the next day, tell your boss that since you did so well the previous day, you are not going to work today.  You need to do your job EVERY DAY or else you'll lose your job.

Diabetes 2 is just like this.  It's a job that you have to do each and every day.  Eating well and exercising yesterday doesn't excuse one from the obligation to do the right thing today.

So, I am now I have to start thinking as if Diabetes 2 is my permanent job.  The big difference is that instead of just losing my job if fail to work consistently, I could lose a foot if I don't do my Diabetes job.

That's pretty good motivation!

P.s. - Last night was day 1 without late night snacking!

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